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Lötz Witwe / Klostermühle was a glass manufacturer in the art business in Klostermühle, Böhmer. He was part of...


1 artwork for sale
This is the same as unknown artist. It might happen that an artist or maker is unknown. As well you can find the...

Artus ( Max le Verrier)

1891 - 19731 artwork for sale
Max le Verrier was born on the 29th of January in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, in 1891. His mother was Belgian...

Fontinelle .

1 artwork for sale

Cris Agterberg

1883 - 1948
Christopher (Cris) Agterberg (Amsterdam, April 22, 1883 - November 21, 1948) was a Dutch artist and...

André Vincent Becquerel

1893 - 19812 artworks for sale
André Vincent Becquerel was born at St. Andre-Farivilliers (Oise) in France. He studied under Hector Lemaire and...

Armand Boulard

1 artwork for sale

Marcel Andre Bouraine

2 artworks for sale
Born in 1886 in Pontoise, France, Marcel André Bouraine was pupil of Joseph-Alexandre Falguière....

Theodoor (T.A.C) Colenbrander

1841 - 19301 artwork for sale
Theodoor (Theo) Christiaan Adriaan Colenbrander was born in Doesburg in 1831 and died just a few miles further in the...

Oscar De Klerck

1892 - 1968
Oscar De Clerck (Oostende, 11 December 1892 - Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, 20 January 1968) was an innovator of Belgian...

Johan Wolfgang Elischer

1 artwork for sale

Pierre le Faguays

1892 - 19621 artwork for sale
Pierre le Faguays was born in 1892 in Nante sParis, France. Pierre le Faguays was a French sculptor of lithe female...

Camille Fauré

1827 - 19443 artworks for sale
Enamel artist Camille Fauré was born in Perigeux in 1827. Fauré spent an apprenticeship before setting up...

Vittorio Ferro

3 artworks for sale
Ferro, born in 1932, learned from his uncles Armando and Amleto Zuffi in the glassworks of Fratelli Toso, where he...
Fiot was born in Le Grand-Pressigny on January 22nd 1886. he was for a long time the pupil of Prosper Lecourtier. Fiot...

George Fouquet

1862 - 1957
Georges Fouquet was a French Art Nouveau jeweller. He joined his father in the family business in Paris in 1891....

Daum Frères

1878 -5 artworks for sale
Daum is a crystal studio in the city of Nancy, France. It was founded in 1878 by Jean Daum(1825–1885). His...

Agnes Frumerie

1 artwork for sale

Andre Guerval

1 artwork for sale
Andre Guerval was an Art Deco sculptor, active in the early 20th century. He was a pupil of the famous sculptor Pierre...

Alfred Janniot

1 artwork for sale

René Lalique

1860 - 194512 artworks for sale
René Jules Lalique (6 April 1860, Ay, Marne - 1 May 1945, Paris) was born on the 6th of April in 1860, in Ay,...

Jozef Lorenzl

1892 - 1950
Josef Lorenzl (1 September 1892 – 15 August 1950) was born on the 1st of September in 1892, in Vienna, Austria. He...