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John Raedecker

1885 - 1956
John Rädecker (1885, Amsterdam – 1956, Amsterdam) was a painter and sculptor from the Northern Netherlands, best...

Louis Riché

1877 - 1949
Louis Riché (1877, Paris - 1949), was a French sculptor in bronze. His favorite subject matters were all kinds of...

Bernard Richters

1888 - 1966
Bernardus Johannes Richters (Rotterdam, 27 March 1888 - Laren, 11 December 1966) was a dutch sculptor, graphic artist...

Tilman Riemenschneider

1460 - 15311 artwork
Tilman Riemenschneider is now considered to be one of Germany's most important sculptors and woodcutters during the...

Hans Rikken

1956 -31 artworks
Hans Rikken is a Dutch sculptor. He studied at the Academie voor Kunst en Industrie in Enschede, the Netherlands.

ren rong

1 artwork

Johann Caspar Schenk

1620 - 16741 artwork
Johann Caspar Schenk was a Vienese sculptor who was active during the 17th century.

Stefan Schwarz

1851 - 1924
Stefan Schwartz (1851-1924) was a Slovakian sculptor and medallist. Initially working in a metal factory in Pest, he...

Ernst Seger

1868 - 1939
The German sculptor began to study with Robert Härtel and Christian Behrens at the Breslau Art School in 1884. A few...
Lambertus Hendrik (Bertus) Sondaar was a Dutch sculptor from Amsterdam. He attended the School of Applied Arts...
Berthold Stölzer was a early 20th century German Art Deco sculptor.

Diederik Storms

4 artworks
I was born and raised in The Hague. At a young age I knew I had to be a sculptor. In 1997 I graduated at the Art...

Frans van Straaten

1963 -1 artwork
Frans van Straaten is a Dutch figurative artist and sculptor, known for his bronze sculptures. In 1985 he obtained his...

Sara de Swart

1861 - 1951
Sara de Swart was a Dutch artist, patroness and important figure in the art world from Arnhem. Sara was homeschooled...

Arie Teeuwisse

1919 - 19933 artworks
Arie Teeuwisse was a Dutch sculptor and illustrator. Born in Amsterdam, he studied at the Instituut voor...

Eka Thoden van Velzen

1915 - 19931 artwork
Eka Louise Thoden van Velzen was a Dutch painter and sculptor. She was the daughter of doctor Petrus Thoden van Velzen....

Max Valentin

1875 - 19311 artwork
Max Valentin was a late 19th century French Art Nouveau sculptor.

Pieter Van den Daele

- 19714 artworks
Pieter van den Daele (1970) is a Belgium sculptor who took painting classes in Oudenaarde. He started to work at an art...
Georges van der Straeten was a Belgian Art Nouveau sculptor, born in Gent 1856. He first worked as an attorney until...
Nicolaas Van Der Veken (Mechelen, 1637 - Mechelen, 1709) was a sculptor from Brabant, the Netherlands. He was the...

Willem Verbon

1921 - 20031 artwork
Willem Verbon was a Dutch sculptor. He made multiple bronze sculptures for public space, especially in Rotterdam. His...
Joris Verdonkschot is a Dutch artist who follows the traditions of figurative sculpture. He is an expressionist. Over...

Matthias Verginer

1982 -3 artworks
Matthias Verginer is an Italian sculptor, born in Bressanone, Italy in 1982. He is twins with his brother...