A Dutch silver cruet set à double usage by Johannes La (le) Blanck
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Johannes La (le) Blanck

A Dutch silver cruet set à double usage 1786

35 cm
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Jacob J. Roosjen SRI

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About the artwork

A Dutch silver cruet set à double usage, made by Johannes La (le) Blanck in 1786, Rotterdam.
Fortunately, this cruet set still has its detachable caster, which is placed on top of the column in the middel of the basket, serving also as ornamentation.

À double usage means that this cruet set can be used as a bread basket, after removing the entire interior.

About the Artist

Little is known about this 18th century Dutch silver smith. He was born in 1786 and lived in Rotterdam. He specialized in food related silverware including wine stoppers and cutlery, baskets, cruet sets and the likes. These were often decorated with intricate designs and elements that would allow them to be used for more than one purpose, for example a cruet set that could be used as a bread basket after removing its interior.