Hippo in Bath by Annemarie van der Kolk
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Hippo in Bath 2019

Annemarie van der Kolk

22 ⨯ 40 cm
€ 2.975


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Annemarie van der Kolk [1973], Dalfsen

About 2004 Annemarie started creating bronze sculptures. As to that art form Annemarie may consider herself a self-taught person, particularly accentuating images of animals, sometimes with human, but also with light humorous traits. Generally speaking, animals and nature are bringing emotion about. Actually she grew up with animals. “In her opinion animals have emotions as well and moreover a certain kind of intelligence, however people will not always understand that quality of character. By combining human and animal features, it is her intention to show that we perhaps look more like each other than we realize.” In the event of rousing a smile when looking at her creations, she will have reached her purposes !

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