Jane Doe IX by Call me Frank
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Jane Doe IX 2000 - 2020

Call me Frank

PlexiglassEpoxyPigmentPlasticPhotographic print
180 ⨯ 145 cm
€ 8.100

Galerie Van Campen & Rochtus

  • About the artwork
    Painted in reverse with pigmented epoxy on plexiglass.

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  • About the artist

    Call Me Frank is best known for his humorous paintings that make clever, ironic, and sometimes dark observations of everyday life. His deliberately clean yet dirty graphic style have an immediate and accessible appeal, while at the same time offering an insightful commentary on the absurdities of human relationships.

    For 7 years now Frank has been perfecting his distinctive style and technique on working with plexiglass, and in that time 3 prominent new ways of working with this material have been developed. The first is the technique he is best known for, the paintings on plexiglass, the second are his large scale portraits aka the John & Jane Doe Pieces. For his 3rd and latest technique he managed to perfectly combine stainless steel and plexiglass. The last 3 years he has been experimenting and developing a new way to flawlessly adhere the 2 materials with success. This resulted in one of his latest projects Reflections of Imperfections.

    Frank works with a variety of mediums such as paints, plexiglass, steel, polymers, epoxy resins, polyester, wood, 3d print, photography, ceramics, recovered materials and so on. Moving from one material to the other with confidence, Frank states that his conceptual intentions are timeless where as tools or materials are always interchangeable.

    The graphic elements in his work, more specifically his drawing style, come from his curricular background. He attended to schools like SISA Antwerp, KTA Bruges and St Lucas Ghent. The subjects in his work vary from portraits to more anecdotal topics. The artist will never hold himself back from choosing between the most divergent subjects that occupy him in his everyday life, even if they are controversial.

    One of his goals is to be able to express his opinion freely using his work. This is reflected in his alias, that comes from the English expression ‘to be frank’, which means as much as being sincere and sometimes brutally honest.


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