Zonder Titel (gold) by Lidia Masllorens
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Zonder Titel (gold) 2020

Lidia Masllorens

Photo litho
140 ⨯ 110 cm
€ 3.500

Galerie en Kunstuitleen Maastricht

  • About the artworkAbout artwork & Artist
    Zonder Titel (gold), knr 6030
    Lidia Masllorens
    143 x 110 cm • fotolitho • € 3.500,00
    Availabl in more colours
  • About the artist


    Born in 1967 in Caldes de Malavella and graduated in Fine Arts at Barcelona University in 1991, Lidia Masllorens is a Spanish painter who was exhibited regularly in Spain since 1991. Now she begins an international career with a solo exhibition in Paris and another one in Los Angeles in 2016.

    Her current project is to create an archetypal portrait of the early twenty-first century. Her works of large size have a strong presence and exude dynamism and vitality. And this is all the more remarkable because it is a work on paper, a work of colour withdrawal, using water and bleach, and not of layering.

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