Edna by Jeroen Hermkens
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Contains nudity

Edna 2016

Jeroen Hermkens

90 ⨯ 70 cm
€ 3.250

Kunsthandel Juffermans

  • Over kunstwerk
    JEROEN HERMKENS - 'EDNA' . Oil on canvas, 2016, signed. 70 x 90 cm.
  • Over kunstenaar

    Jeroen Hermkens ( 1960,-) was born in 1960 in the Netherlands.

    Jeroen Hermkens is a Dutch lithographer and painter. He is known for his cityscapes. In 1996 he received the Dutch Graphics Prize and in 2006 he became the Artist of the Year (Netherlands).

    He studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht from 1979-1984. He also worked in the Atelier lithografique Champfleury in Paris.

    Hermkens has a studio in Utrecht where he lives and works.

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