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Cher Mattijssen

8 artworks
Natasja van der Meer is a Dutch contemporary sculptor who studied at the Nieuwe Akademie in Utrecht. She works with a...

jan mul

1 artwork

Corjan Nodelijk

7 artworks
Corjan Nodelijk is a composer and a professional questioner. The quirky and surreal creatures he creates - mostly...

Jan Pater

1950 -11 artworks
Jan Pater is a Dutch sculptor. After he was rejected for the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1968, Pater became a furniture...

Marieke Peters

1977 -5 artworks
Marieke Peters (1977) is a visual artist, who lives and works in Den Bosch. She uses photography, painting, and...

Luc Peters

1 artwork

Pieter W Postma

5 artworks
Pieter W Postma appeals to the pioneer in all of us through his art. He touches the part of our soul that wants to...

ren rong

1 artwork

Frans van Straaten

1963 -1 artwork
Frans van Straaten is a Dutch figurative artist and sculptor, known for his bronze sculptures. In 1985 he obtained his...

Pieter Van den Daele

- 19714 artworks
Pieter van den Daele (1970) is a Belgium sculptor who took painting classes in Oudenaarde. He started to work at an art...
Joris Verdonkschot is a Dutch artist who follows the traditions of figurative sculpture. He is an expressionist. Over...

Matthias Verginer

1982 -3 artworks
Matthias Verginer is an Italian sculptor, born in Bressanone, Italy in 1982. He is twins with his brother...

Willy Verginer

1957 -4 artworks
Willy Verginer was born in Bressanone Italy in 1957. He attended his art studies in the small village of Ortisei. Aged...

Coen Vernooij

1952 -8 artworks
Coen Vernooij (1952) makes standing and wall sculptures. Both are made of thin metal rods with iron glimmer paint or a...