Tips for buying your first painting!

Planning to buy a painting for the first time? For many people, this often starts with an indescribable feeling or even a burning desire to get hold of something unique or personal with a certain beauty or message, that somehow appeals to you enormously. The painting that attracts you may also...

Silla Scheepens, Marketing & Communication Gallerease
Silla Scheepens
Marketing & Communication

Art à vendre; quelques conseils pratiques lors de l'achat de votre (première) œuvre

Certaines personnes ont grandi en collectionnant et en achetant de l'art. D'autres « se font attraper » plus tard dans leur vie par le « virus de l'art ». Cependant, il n'est jamais trop tard pour commencer à collectionner et à acheter de l'art. Mais par où commencer pour acheter de l'art ?...

Danny Bree, Owner Gallerease Gallerease
Danny Bree
Owner Gallerease

Special occasions to give art and antique as a present

Special gifts belong to special occasions and moments. Especially if you want to give someone something unique, personal and a with lasting memory; then antique or art is an excellent idea. And very often it is much appreciated by the receiver to receive one larger, joint gift than many small...

Gallerease, Writer Gallerease

Expositions at Van Campen & Rochtus: Jef van Campen, Gilles Cenazandotti, Eline Klein, Call me Frank

Galerie Van Campen & Rochus kindly invites you to our gallery for the opening of the exhibitions "Colour me Happy" and "Water"    "Colour me happy" will be a group exibition of three artists: - Call me Frank (new works) - Eline Klein - Gilles Cenazandotti Date:...

Danny Bree, Owner Gallerease Gallerease
Danny Bree
Owner Gallerease