About the artist

Arie Zwart (1903, Rijswijk, Z.-H. - 1981, Laren, N.-H.), full name Adrianus Johannes Zwart, was a prolific Dutch painter, draughtsman and pen draughtsman. He studied at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Royal Academy of Fine Arts), The Hague, around 1920. He didn’t settle down anywhere for a very long period. he loved to travel around in a caravan or track boat. That’s why he was active in many places, among others at Leidschendam, Meppel, Zwolle, Nieuwkoop, Giethoorn, Laren. He also travelled abroad, around France and Spain. Zwart was influenced by The Hague School and painted in a post-impressionist style. He created harbour views, beach scenes, river and polder landscapes, city views, still lifes. Zwart was fond of painting flowers. During his last years he stayed at the Rosa Spier House in Laren.