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Den Haag, The Netherlands

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About the art dealer

Gallery Het Cleyne Huys was founded in 1996 by Ellen Cleyndert. This high-end gallery is located on the Hague's prestigious Noordeinde and specializes in contemporary sculptures, works on paper and paintings. The gallery represents Dutch as well as international artists.


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Featured Artists

Guus van Eck

1958 -10 artworks
The Dutch artist Guus van Eck was born in 1958. He studied in Maastricht at the Fine Arts Academy and the Jan van Eyck...

Jacqueline van der Laan

1948 -10 artworks
Jacqueline van der Laan was born in 1948 in the Netherlands. Van der Laan is known as a sculptor, working with bronze...

Paul Ceulemans

1971 -7 artworks
Paul Ceulemans is a Dutch painter and sculptor whose work is entirely focused on the form of the bull. He attended the...

Frans Bianchi

1951 -7 artworks
Frans Bianchi is a Dutch artist born in 1951 in Rotterdam. He studied at the Vrije Academie in Rotterdam and later...

Jan Pater

1950 -17 artworks
Jan Pater is a Dutch sculptor. After he was rejected for the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1968, Pater became a furniture...

Joyce Balk

6 artworks
The Dutch artist Joyce Balk is a specialist in monumental Trompe l ‘oeil. These very realistic, large scale,...

Lux Buurman

1948 -5 artworks
Lux Buurman is a Dutch painter and teacher, born in Voorburg in 1948. She went to the Koninklijke Academie van...

Unknown Artist

409 artworks

Neige .

3 artworks
Her life has always been an artistic merry-go-round. Due to her international upbringing and living all over the world...

Kim Kroes

1960 -2 artworks
Kim Kroes was a sculptor, graphic artist, restorer and painter born in 1960. He attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts...