Anthon Beeke

1940 -

About the artist

Anthon Beeke is a Dutch graphical designer and auto didact. He became famous in 1969 with his naked girls alphabet. This set the tone for his controversial work and began his rise as one of the five top Dutch designers of the twentieth century. Beeke began to free himself of his environment when he was attending evening classes at the School of Applied Art. There he was taught by the famous designer Wim Crouwel and soon saw that he had a great sense of imagery that was innate to him. Anthon Beeke worked at Total Design in Amsterdam creating advertisements, magazines, books, stamps and packaging. In 1981 he started his own studio Anthon Beeke. Also particularly controversial were his theater posters he designed for Amsterdam Theatre Group with images that were often characterized by a raw eroticism. Some years ago, Anthon had a stroke and was forced to cancel his studio practice.