About the artist

Matthias Verginer is an Italian sculptor, born in Bressanone, Italy in 1982. He is twins with his brother Christian.

Matthias studied advertising graphics & sculpture at the School of Arts in Selva/Gardena, Italy. He worked under his father Willy Verginer from 2001-2004. Later he worked in cooperation with artist Aron Demetz. In his work he carefully balances between technical mastery of the tools he uses and arbitrary imagery. His works celebrate life through humour and imagination and irony which is also reflected in the names he gives his artworks, which include such names like "Hot Whale Surfing", "Tomato Tan", "Damn Hat" and “The Rabbit and the Turtle".

Matthias is a Unika-member who lives and works in Ortisei, in Northern Italy.