Simon Pasini

1976 -

About the artist

Simon Pasini was born in Genoa in 1976. When Pasini was 4 years old he moved to South-Africa with his family, where he created a passion for art and painting. In 1992 he returned to Italy where he went to the James and Pio Manzu Art School in Bergamo. After he finished his studies there, he became a restorator. Later he became a specialist in the realization of frescoes, doing this he learned a lot about techniques and materials which you can find back in his paintings.

Most of his paintings are painted in Italy and the subjects of the paintings are also mostly related to Italy. His inspiration is mostly actions in daily life, it looks like people are not posing in his painting. He uses oil paint to manufacture his paintings, you can tell from the way he uses his brush on the canvas that he has a lot of experience with completing frescoes. For Pasini light plays a very important role in his paintings.

His work is populair in Italy, France, China, Japan and the USA. He also was represented at several art fairs in northern Europe.