Zonder titel / 2020.6 by Jochem op ten Noort
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Zonder titel / 2020.6 2020

Jochem op ten Noort

110 ⨯ 100 cm
€ 3.700

WTC The Hague Art Gallery

  • About the artist

    Jochem op ten Noort 1976, Naarden (NL)

    During the past years, Jochem op ten Noort (1976) has been focusing on painting landscapes and abstract works. His work visibly connects these two apparently opposing themes, in which landscapes are represented by abstract patterns. 

    Op ten Noort is fascinated with patterns because of the regularity, order and balance that they provide. In his work, the painter is continually looking for new patterns. These can be complex and simple, large and small, abstract or naturally occurring; a wide range of patterns form the catalyst for his ideas.

    This search has resulted in a comprehensive series of abstract paintings, built from diamonds, ovals and other shapes. On one of his canvases, the shapes are duplicated, while on the other, the shapes are captured as mirror images. The composition consists of a monochrome surface division; sharp lines differentiate the differently coloured surfaces. The artist’s precise, systematic and consistent process is clearly visible. His paintings are underscored by measurements and calculations. The artist’s motivation is a quest for new variation within the same theme. Sometimes this results in a pattern with a complex structure and at other times, in a simple and clear rhythm. Frequently, a line crosses the centre, provoking an association with a horizon. Op ten Noort calls these abstract works building blocks; they form the basis for his landscapes.

    Jochem op ten Noort’s landscapes are large in scale. A landscape surrounds you and as a human being you feel small; the painter’s intention is that you are enabled to experience this unique relationship.

    The landscapes are based upon photos taken by the artist himself. He is continuously looking for landscapes where there are no visible signs of human interference. He has found these landscapes in South American countries such as Argentina, Chili, Bolivia and Peru, but also closer to home, in France, Spain, Italy or Marokko. Mountainous and rocky landscapes are especially favoured, because of their raw and jagged shapes.

    However, the basis of the landscape paintings is not a photo. The starting point for the work is instead an abstract pattern. Having placed it on a canvas, the painter searches in his archive for a landscape that works well with this pattern. The landscape is then positioned on top of the abstract pattern, so that the the original colours are lost and the final colour is determined. Through this process, layered work is created, in which patterns and landscapes reinforce each other. The unique way in which Jochem op ten Noort combines landscapes with abstraction results in idiosyncratic, headstrong and astonishing work.



    Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, BFA 
    (1997 – 2002)


    Selected Exhibitions

    2019 Alfa Gallery, Miami/Florida (USA) (group)
    2018 GasUnie, Groningen (group)
    2018 Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven (group)
    2018 Kunstverein Springhornhof, Expedition Natur, Neuenkirchen (D) (group)
    2017 CODA Museum, Expedition Nature, Apeldoorn (group)
    2017 Zomer expositie Delta Lloyd kunstcollectie, Amsterdam (group)
    2016 Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven (solo)
    2016 Wall Gallery, Rotterdam (group)
    2016 Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Rotterdam (group)
    2015 Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven (group)
    2015 KunstRai, Amsterdam (group)
    2015 Art Breda, Breda (group)
    2015 Gallery Nine, Amsterdam (group)
    2015 Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Rotterdam (group)
    2014 Delta Lloyd, Amsterdam (solo)
    2013 Shell Projects & Technology, Rijswijk (solo)
    2013 Espace Enny, Laag Keppel (group)
    2013 Concordia, Enschede (group)
    2012 Shell Technology Centre, Amsterdam (solo)
    2012 Kunstuitleen Amstelveen, Amstelveen (solo)
    2012 Gemeente Museum Den Haag, Den Haag (group)
    2012 Art Traverse, Bilthoven (solo)
    2012 Sociaal Economische Raad, Den Haag (solo)
    2011 Rechtbank Rotterdam, Rotterdam (solo)
    2011 Kunstenlab, Deventer (group)
    2011 European Commission, Brussels (BE) (solo)
    2011 OHRA, Arnhem (solo)
    2011 Realisme 11, PTA, Amsterdam (group)
    2010 Espace Enny, Laag Keppel (group)
    2009 Sociale Verzekerings Bank, Amstelveen (solo)
    2008 Lux Theater, Nijmegen (solo)
    2008 Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam (group)
    2007 Kunstenlab, Deventer (group)
    2006 SBK Amstelveen, Amstelveen (group)
    2006 Delta Lloyd, Amsterdam (solo)
    2006 OHRA, Arnhem (solo)

    Acquisitions and assignments 

    GasUnie, Groningen
    Delta Lloyd, Amsterdam
    Royal Dutch Shell, Rijswijk 
    Ohra, Arnhem 
    Sociale Verzekering Bank, Amstelveen 
    SBK Amstelveen, Amstelveen
    Universitair Medisch Centrum, Utrecht

    Private collections in the Netherlands and abroad


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