The Big September Exhibition Guide: Part I

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With the commencement of the new cultural season upon us, we have put together a big guide with upcoming exhibition openings that’s going to keep you very busy this September! This is what’s happening on the art scene this week:

Galerie Wilms
Sept 01 – Sept 03

“An appetizer is a very small dish that promotes digestion and triggers the taste buds”. During this two day event, novice collectors have the opportunity to become acquainted with over 50 different artists through small “appetizers”. Each work will be available for the sympathetic price of €250, making the art world accessible to a much larger public.

Qlick Editions
Guest Expo: Nienke Wind
Sept 01 – Oct 11

For the series “Sleeping Beauty”, Wind examined different contradictions; themes that we all struggle with in daily life yet what excites us at the same time. Themes such as dreams and the unknown versus reality, aesthetics versus imperfections, and being at peace whilst also feeling restless.

SinArts Gallery
Between Blossoms
Sept 02 – Oct 02

Shen Wei, Cherry Blossoms, 2015.

Shen Wei’s “Between Blossoms” reflects on a journey of self-discovery, breaking through physical as well as emotional boundaries. The series consists of intimate self-portraits and photographs of meditative encounters made in nature and urban environments. Read more about the exhibition and the evolution of Chinese art here.

Het Cleyne Huis
The Blue Runner
Sept 02 – Oct 09

Two Artists Together, Voyage to the Unknown, 2015.

Marcella Maltha and Gerard ‘t Hart inspire each other in working together on one canvas. As two critical and individual souls, they challenge each other in sharing their art to uncover a new reality. The exhibition will present the pieces that theu collaborated on as well as individual works by the artists.

Kers Gallery
Necessary Evil
Sept 02 – Oct

David Bade’s chaotic oeuvre reflects an inexhaustible curiosity and intense desire to discover more possibilities within his art. His work is full of contradictions, history and current events play just as big a part as the observations he makes through following his own intuition. Bade creates drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations using various materials and techniques, often filled with dark humour, keeping the audience on its toes.

Galerie De Twee Pauwen
A Nod to Joseph Kosuth
Sept 3 – Oct 15

Eva de Visser, Who Am I V, 2017.

Kosuth’s famous and groundbreaking piece “One, Three Chairs” presents us with a chair, a photograph and the lemma of a chair, asking which one is the actual chair, challenging our concept of reality. For this exhibition, several artists were asked to explore this theme in their own way, resulting in a highly diverse presentation with lots of intriguing references, citations and a refreshing take on an art historical great!

Project 2.0/Gallery
Changing Perspective
Sept 3 – Oct 8

Robbert Fortgens’s thick oil paintings are based on photographic images. The ever-growing inequalities within our current society have become the main theme of his work, visually resulting in pure and raw canvases. At the same time, these works are dynamic and multilayered, showing beauty in diversity and alienation.

The Cabinet of Curiosities
Sept 3 – Nov 7

Jorg Karg, March in December, 2016.

To mark the opening of a new cultural season, the Grachtengalerie is presenting a new selection of (international) artists that excel in depicting their own vision on today’s fast changing world. They exhaust, contain, deduce, exaggerate, and transform elements of what we know, resulting in its essence. Through their eyes, we catch a glimpse of what would have otherwise remained hidden to us.

Morren Galleries
Group Show
Sep 3 – Oct

To celebrate the opening of a new cultural season, Morren Galleries is holding a group show with works by Gertjan Scholte Albers, Bierenbroodspot, Billy & Hells, Paul Delmee, Walter Elst, Giovanni Tommasi Ferroni, Fong Leng, Evert den Hartog, Gerard Huysman, Wim van der Kant, Jose van Kleef, Maya Kulenovic, Michael Mapes, Victor Muller, Wout Muller, Arie van 't Riet, Eddy Stevens, Leon Strous, Peter Vanbekbergen, Gerard Willemenot and Juane Xue.

If you are interested in knowing what's opening up NEXT week, then stay tuned for Part II!

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