A rare filigrana a retortoli goblet by Unknown Artist
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Un rare filigrane un gobelet retortoli 1550 - 1600

Unknown Artist

14 cm
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Peter Korf de Gidts - Antiquairs

  • Sur l'oeuvre d'art
    A very rare Façon de Venise GOBLET.
    Octangular cup, blown in a mould with rows of 12 hollow warts.
    The cup and spreaded foot decorated in opaque lattimo filigrana
    retortoli technique. Sloped rim.
    Height: 14,2 cm. Dia. 9 cm.
    Antwerp, second half 16th century.
    Possibly made in Sara Vinkcx's and Philippo Gridolphi's
    "het GELASEN HUYS" .

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