The Pygmalion Art Cabinet; new podcast (dutch) opens the doors to the art world

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'The Art Cabinet of Pygmalion' hides unique stories about the love for art. In this new podcast series, art historian and art dealer Jaap Versteegh discusses the most diverse aspects of the art world with experts in the field. Versteegh himself has worked as an art critic, art history teacher and guest curator for various museums.

His guests in 'De Kunstkast' range from artists, museum directors and auctioneers to framers, restorers and collectors: they all play their own role in this exciting world. This leads to fascinating and personal conversations about the value of art, doing art historical research, but above all about the love of art.

Every episode of the podcast opens, as it were, a new drawer of the art cabinet and brings a different aspect of the art world to light. "For many people this is an unfathomable world. 

"I would therefore like to take them behind the closed doors of this profession, because there is more to it than you would initially think", says Jaap Versteegh.

Thanks to the podcast, which is becoming increasingly popular as a medium, Versteegh hopes to appeal to a new generation with his knowledge and enthusiasm. In addition, the podcast makes it possible to stay in touch with his regular contacts, now that trade fairs and other events are not possible. It is the first time within the Dutch cultural landscape that an art dealer produces an informative podcast series for art lovers.

Every two to three weeks a new episode appears on Soundcloud of and the website of Kunsthandel Pygmalion. Until now the guests are Jop Ubbens (former director Christie's Nederland), Barbara de Clercq (sculptor), Gary Schwartz (art historian and Rembrandt expert), Hans van Dam (painting restorer), Marcel Fleury (framer and owner of Gehring and Heijdenrijk) and Henk van Houten (art collector).

For the future, discussions are planned with for example professor Jan Teeuwisse (director Museum Beelden aan Zee), Sarah de Clercq (director Sotheby's Nederland), Jan de Klerk (Stadsarchief Amsterdam). The podcasts will be framed by music performed by the Russian pianist Alexander Kashpurin. Recording and editing will be done by Gabriele Gallo.

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