Walter Elst

1965 -

About the artist

Walter Elst Born in Antwerp, Belgium - 1965 After finishing his study Medicine at the University of Brussels Walter Elst decided to dedicate himself to his calling painting. Already at a young age, in his spare time, he took private lessons in landscape- and portret painting by Leon Lommaert. Raymond Van Hoeck, Petrus Valckx but above all Willem Dolphyn, he educated him in still life painting and had a big influence on his work. Walters oeuvre is very diverse, but for the most he is attracted to painting landscapes. His style and choice of subjects have a traditional nature. His still lifes, trompe-lóeils, landscapes and farmer interiors are in terms of implementation obvious inspired on the paintings from the masters of the 17th century. Because of his incredible technical craftsmanship, sense of harmony and color composition, he receives a lot of respect by collectioneurs and colleague-artists in the Netherlands and Belgium.