A contraluz by Jose Borrell
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Contains nudity

A contraluz 2020

Jose Borrell

21 ⨯ 41 cm
€ 1.575

Galerie Honingen

  • About the artist

    JOSÉ BORRELL was born in Alcoy (Alicante) in 1969. He enrolls in the School of Arts and fine arts in his hometown. Sharpening his skills professionally with an exhaustive doctrine in the portrait practice, mastering his skills by constantly repeating life painting muses. He subsequently completed higher studies in Fine Arts at the school on Fine arts in Alcoy (Alicante).

    His portraits have been collected by art lovers over the last 20 years and appear in different private collections of national and international galleries. The figure as supreme piece of touch, as stumbling block and difficulty. The figure of a woman in full burst of her beauty, or of the children captured in their games, going through splendid maternities. José Borrelli is one of those who have learned the lesson; The figuration presides over its doing. A perfect drawing serves as the basis and the rest is colour applied with fairness, light sets marked by good sense, a beautiful and balanced composition.

    An artist painting full of passion, in whom passion is one of its themes of painting. The passion of love, desire, but rather of women. One of his paintings, a gallery that title the wrong way "Beetle" to this great painter, as for me, is titled "The Passion." This is it, the woman's passionate relationship with a primitive natural environment. The arid landscape, a lone beetle ... The woman is suspended in the air, on a light carpet, as the desire is always in suspension. And his thoughts, apparently asleep, suspended at points, we ignored. In "White Sands", the nakedness of the beach, the sea, the sky is a light background naked body of the mother and child. The visual scanning the viewer by these bodies is attached to the gaze of the mother in a precise layout. It is no longer carnal beauty, there is, but sensuality, represented and painting. And good game ended in each work. Deserves arrest and return to this great artist. There is much beauty and pictorial quality. 

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