Le Singe Peintre XXVII by Stefan à Wengen
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Le Singe Peintre XXVII 2019

Stefan à Wengen

Acrylic paintPaint
100 ⨯ 80 ⨯ 4 cm
€ 7.800

Bernhard Knaus Fine Art

  • About the artist

    The Swiss painter Stefan à Wengen is inspired by the western iconic tradition and seeks references to other cultures. The artist combines deeply symbolic picture elements and thus achieves a new and particular reality. At the core of his artistic work is the uncanny, which has a long tradition in the history of art. From the formal point of view his atmospherically charged paintings are based on the media of film and documentary photography. Subjects essential to life, such a death, sexuality and existence, are dealt with in Stefan à Wengen' own picture language and evoke personal experiences in the observer.

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